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Lush banners provide their customers with the very best selection of custom printed flags & banners, trade show displays, feather banners, flag banners, custom canopies, banner stands and other large format promotional displays.

Lush banners are able to offer highly competitive prices because they select the top quality products, buy in large quantities direct, cutting out the middleman, then passing the savings onto you. This enables them to deliver cutting edge products at lower prices, compared to our competitors.


  1. Compete with exceptionally strong competitors that all around rank on top positions 
  2. Set top ranking on Google for all industry related keywords  
  3. Boost online presence on Google for top searched keywords  
  4. Generate traffic and highly potential clients  


  1. SEO Services 
  2. Link Acquisition


  1. Keyword Rankings Boost: Site wasn’t positioned in Top10 however now reliably positions in Top3 for every single keyword. 
  2. Organic Traffic Grows: Our SEO services helped in achieving organic traffic on the site almost doubled. This brings about twice as many potential clients visiting the site.  
  3. Sales Leads Grows: Not just the numbers, yet the nature of traffic also increased which brings about the quantity of sales leads generated.  

 #KeywordInitial RankingsCurrent Rankings
1.Oval bannersNot in Top 1001
2.Retractable backdropNot in Top 1001
3.Popup oval bannerNot in Top 1001
4.How to get creases out of flagNot in Top 1002
5.How to get wrinkles out of flagNot in Top 1002
6.Bow bannersNot in Top 1002
7.Custom pole flagNot in Top 1002

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