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Our client Kyle Whitaker, handles criminal defense, family law and estate law cases in Fort Worth, Southlake and the surrounding areas. They pride themselves on the favorable reputation they have earned in the legal and local communities for being trial-ready, aggressive and successful in the cases they handle.
Our client, Kyle Whitaker, has been practicing law since 1993. He began his career as a prosecutor, eventually moving into a senior prosecutor role. In his capacity as a prosecutor, Mr. Whitaker tried numerous cases and utilizes this experience now to the benefit of their clients. Not only their criminal law clients get to work with someone who has firsthand insight into how our opponents operate, but all of their clients get the benefit of being represented by an attorney who is trial-ready and well-known in the Tarrant County judicial system.
Respected by his colleagues, Mr. Whitaker has been invited to present a variety of seminars on the overlap between family law and criminal law. His commitment to results and client advocacy has earned him numerous honors and awards, including Fort Worth, Texas Magazine naming him one of Fort Worth’s best family lawyers from 2013-2015.


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