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SEO for Cannabis & Marijuana Industry: Get More Business with Search Engine

The Cannabis and Marijuana industry has been evolving rapidly in the United States over the last 10 years. As more states loosen regulations, the demand for weed has increased suddenly. But the main issue with marketing cannabis is that , since the industry is so new to the US, people aren’t really up to buying weed yet. There are legal restrictions that prohibit a lot of advertising on various platforms, including some social media sites. Depending on the US state that the business resides in, they may only be allowed to promote their product using specific online services. It is primarily these restrictions that can make it difficult to build a new cannabis brand.

So, cannabis SEO is becoming crucial for businesses to be successful in this industry. Cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis businesses face unique advertising challenges almost on a daily basis. SEO for the cannabis and marijuana industry is the only way to increase traffic to your website.

Why is SEO important for the Cannabis and Marijuana Industry?

It takes a lot of time to develop a brand that people trust and figuring out where you can promote your brand can be a bit of a hurdle. Here comes the role of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO for the cannabis and marijuana industry can develop a strategy to help gain the trust of the customers by understanding what it is that they are searching for. If your website can provide an answer,you’ll be recommended by a search engine.

SEO for the cannabis industry is effective as it bypasses traditional marketing and makes an internet search engine do it for you. Google and other search engines suggest your products on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) based on the user’s intention. Ultimately it helps direct the flow of online traffic to your website and it maintain that there are some strategies you should know before entering in SEO for cannabis and marijuana industry:

Here are some of the strategies of SEO for Cannabis and Marijuana industry:

  • Keyword research for cannabis industry
  • Local SEO for Cannabis and marijuana industry
  • Content Creation 
  • On- page SEO for cannabis and marijuana business
  • Off- page SEO for cannabis and marijuana industry
  • Social Media optimization

Keyword research and planning for Cannabis and Marijuana industry

Keywords are one of the main strategies of SEO for cannabis. A good keyword strategy can help you target your audience. Keyword research helps you understand what people search for and how hard it is to rank for these phrases. So, you should try finding keywords that have low difficulty and that carry large search traffic.

How do you do keyword research and planning for the Cannabis and Marijuana industry?

Here are some of the tips of the keyword research and planning for cannabis and marijuana industry SEO:

  • Try utilizing keyword tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to see what people are searching for, and how hard it is to rank for those keywords. These online tools can help you understand various aspect of the keywords, which includes:
  1. Monthly search volume
  2. Keyword difficulty
  3. User search intent

Plus, they can also give you suggestions for other keyword ideas that you might use in your content. 

  • Always use relevant keywords so that it will help you rank high on google while targeting high intent customers.
  • Make sure to add questions and topics that are relevant to your cannabis and marijuana dispensary products and locals.
  • Always try using long-tail keywords as it will help you put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer.
  • Since you are fighting for ranking up on Google, you must first understand what your target market is searching for. But, how will you find it? Through google itself, it’s as simple as this. Here are a few sections you must analyze for keyword research while searching for your targeted keyword.
  1. Auto suggestion
  2. Related searches
  3. People also ask section

Here are some keyword ideas that are suggested by Google for the searched query: “cannabis dispensary in usa”:

1 47Auto suggestions:

  • Best cannabis dispensary in usa
  • Adult use cannabis dispensary in ct
  • Cannabis dispensary in the us
  • Are edibles legal in the us
  • Is cbd legal in the usa
  • Are cbd edibles legal in canada

Related Searches:

  • Recreational dispensary store
  • Cannabis dispensary near me
  • How many dispensaries are in the united states 2023
  • What is a dispensary store
  • Dispensary near me2 47

Essential Local SEO tips for Cannabis and Marijuana Industry

Local SEO is a great way to boost one’s reach with nearby customers.Even for cannabis and marijuana retailers based around in-person sales, SEO is still important to consider. If a person searches for cannabis and marijuana products, they will be presented with results that are based on their geographic location, that is local seo for you. 

How could you run a local seo for the Cannabis and Marijuana industry?

Here are some of the Local SEO tips for Cannabis and Marijuana industry:

  • Set up your google my business or GBM account so that it can help your website appear at the top of the search engine result page.
  • Add photos and additional information such as name, contact no., etc of your cannabis business.
  • Try to create as much content revolving around local neighborhoods and city- related topics. 
  • This might help your business appear on google maps.
  • Use local keywords and phrases that are specific to your cannabis dispensary or products. Some SEO keyword example for cannabis and marijuana business in the new york city are as follows:
  1. cannabis dispensaries in new york city
  2. Recreational cannabis dispensaries in new york state
  3. Cannabis dispensaries in new york state map
  4. Cannabis dispensaries in new york state cbd
  5. new york recreational dispensary locations
  6. Cannabis dispensaries in new york state near me
  7. when will dispensaries open in new york
  8. recreational dispensary near me
  9. nyc recreational dispensary map
  • List your cannabis and marijuana business in online directories such as the one listed below on the table:
High domain authority online directories Google Business Profile, Yelp, Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Better Business Bureau, Apple Business Connect, Yellow Pages, and MapQuest.
Local directories or cannabis and marijuana niche oriented directories Weedmaps, Curaleaf, and Leafly.

3 41While local SEO might not be that important for large cannabis businesses, it’s essential for small local shops.

Content planning and creation SEO tip for Cannabis and Marijuana industry

Creating content can help to drive valuable traffic. During content planning you create a schedule prioritizing phrases that can have the biggest impact on your brand. Content creations help to gather the attention of your target audience.

What are the strategies of making content for the Cannabis industry?

Here are some of the SEO strategies for making and distributing content for Cannabis and Marijuana industry:

  • Create titles that are interesting yet properly describe the page content.
  • Try to write articles that are smaller and have a logically- arranged section.
  • Paragraphs and sentences shouldn’t be long or interfere with the user’s experience.
  • While creating content your main focus is to provide readers with something they can’t find elsewhere.

Nowadays, search engines are utilizing engagement data to assess the quality of web pages. So, it is necessary to give your readers that keeps them interested because search engines analyze how much time your readers spend on your site and how they interact with articles and other content.

Here are some blog topic ideas for cannabis and marijuana industry:

  • Customer stories.
  • Cannabis and marijuana industry terminology guide
  • Beginners guide and advice to newbies
  • Guide to buying cbd products
  • Job opportunities in cannabis and marijuana industry
  • Edibles
  • Cannabis derivatives
  • Informative article on best strain for pain, stress, etc. 

On- page optimization for Cannabis and Marijuana industry

On- page optimization includes factors such as cannabis content, copy, keywords, tags, alt-text, and internal links. It is a process of optimizing your website to rank high on search engines and add traffic to your website.

How can you optimize your On- page SEO for the Cannabis industry?

Here are some of the strategies for optimizing your On-page SEO for cannabis and marijuana industry:

  • Trying to target specific dispensary keywords and keeping all the aforementioned strategies can greatly help to boost your online presence and rankability.
  • Understand what the page is about and find the page relevant to the search query.
  • Conduct keyword research to understand what products are being searched for.
  • Writing a unique, keyword- focused description for each of your cannabis and marijuana products can be beneficial.
  • Always include customers’ reviews and suggest additional products at the end.
  • Have a strong interlinking profile for your cannabis business website.
  • Plus, make sure that your website is mobile responsive and has a good loading speed.
  • Since you are dealing with a very sensitive business which is restricted by various rules and regulations, make sure that you comply with the government policies.

Strong on- page SEO for the cannabis and marijuana industry helps search engines like google understand the value a person gets if they visit that webpage. Hence, on-page SEO service is a very important asset that can significantly impact your google search ranking for your page.

Off- page SEO for Cannabis and marijuana industry

Off- page SEO includes your cannabis shop’s social media page, mentions, backlinks, and your dispensary profile on google maps. 

On- page optimization enhances your company’s searchability and social authority. 

What are the ways to optimize your Off-page seo for the cannabis industry?

Here are some of the tips to optimize your Off-page SEO for cannabis and marijuana industry:

  • Obtaining high- quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the cannabis industry is a crucial aspect of cannabis SEO service.
  • Try to focus on obtaining links from reputable sources within the cannabis niche to improve your website’s visibility and credibility.
  • Using social media platforms like Facebook, instagram and many more to engage with your target audience is another effective off-page optimization strategy for Cannabis SEO.
  • Social media helps to connect you with  potential customers and also provides a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and build brand loyalty among your target audience.
  • As a cannabis and marijuana business owner you can speak at various podcasts and events. This will be a great way to get backlinks and build your network.

There is more going on in the world of cannabis SEO than we know. In fact, much of the most critical work a cannabis SEO marketing firm can do for you will happen off the page in the form of backlinks.

Social media presence of SEO for cannabis and marijuana industry

There are many opinions that are different on whether having a high amount of followers, likes and views will send “social signals” to Google’s algorithm. That’s why it is important for your cannabis dispensary to have an established social media and acceptable number of unique, real followers. 

How can you promote your Cannabis and Marijuana industry on social media?

Here are some of the tips for optimizing social media to promote your cannabis and marijuana business and its products:

  • Dispensary social media pages help to drive people towards your landing pages, e-commerce stores, blogs etc. 
  • You can use instagram and make a page on that to increase your followers. It will give you a great exposure and engagement when you post updates and content about your cannabis dispensary.
  • Always try to use unique titles and descriptions that can engage users with your content. Make sure to include your targeted keyword in your page description.

Social media is an excellent way to connect with your audience and get more people to know about your cannabis business.Google and other search engines like websites that are highly active on social media and have a lot of followers. So, try making your content engaging.


As the cannabis and marijuana industry is highly competitive in the market. It is crucial to have an effective SEO strategy for the cannabis and marijuana industry. SEO is a cost- effective and smart way to advertise your cannabis and marijuana products or dispensary.