SEO for accountants benefits management accountants, auditors, CA, CPAs, financial services, and other accountants to improve ranking in search engines, increase organic quality traffic, get new client inquiries, and connect with local clients in a cost-effective manner. Accountants should optimize their Google My Business Profile, search and use relevant keywords, do regular website audits, publish quality content, earn backlinks, and focus on building online reputation. 

SEO for accountants helps establish credibility and trust in the market. When it comes to consulting with an accountant, people prefer to connect with a local professional. They are likely to search for accountants on search engines. Google is the most trusted solution for finding local services such as accountants. Therefore, it becomes important to optimize your online presence to convert a maximum number of potential clients. 

SEO tips for accountants are detailed below in this article, where we have discussed What is SEO in accounting, how to do marketing for accountants, the best way to do keyword research for accountants, how to write quality content and distribute it for better SERP ranking and conversions, what it takes to rank high on local search queries for accountants, how to do on-page and off-page SEO for accountants, and other various SEO strategies for accountants. 

What is SEO for an Accountant?

SEO for an accountant is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks up higher on the search queries related to the services you offer. It is one of the most cost effective ways to market your accountancy business in the areas you want. 

SEO helps Google search bot and users to understand your website in a better way. For example, if you want your website to rank at the top whenever someone searches for “best accountant in Miami, Florida”, you must follow some basic SEO techniques to include this keyword strategically in your website content. You will have to implement SEO in such a way that it should not seem spam to the search engine. Remember, search engines don’t rank the website made only for Advertisement purposes.

Why is SEO important for Accountants?

As already mentioned SEO helps you rank higher for your specific query and boost the understanding of your website for both the search engine and user. But that is not all that it does. It further helps you generate more traffic and revenue at the same time. Following the right SEO strategies for CPAs will allow your accountant service to reach the right audience at the right time. 

The fastest growing accountant websites are the ones who have cracked the code and are converting their impressions into website traffic. The traffic will now be guided towards booking their service and turning into a loyal customer. Yes, with SEO it is as simple as that. It is you that guides the behavior of your audience and converts them to paying assets. Now, you can also make your mark on the online space by using the best SEO tips for CPAs. 

What is the best SEO strategy for accountants?

The Best SEO practices for accountants are listed below:

  1. Keywords Research and Planning for Accounting
  2. Quality Accountant Content
  3. On Page SEO for Accountants
  4. Local SEO for Accountant
  5. Backlinks and Off Page SEO for Accounting
  6. Regular updation and maintenance of Accounting SEO

Let’s analyze these accountant SEo tips one by one and see how we can use SEO to facilitate lead generation for accounting firms.

Keywords Research for Accountants websites

The next tip for SEO for an accountant is to use the right targeted keywords. As an accounting firm, you have developed your website and uploaded the content, but your targeted market cannot see you. What will you do now? Keywords are the heart of the SEO strategy. These are the words and phrases your target audience types into any search engine when seeking help with their finances or accounts. To win their attention, you need to add the Best keywords for accounting firms naturally throughout your website’s content. 

Keywords Research for Accountants websites

It’s like adding spices to your favorite recipe – enough to make it tasty without overwhelming the dish. Things might go wrong if you stuff the keywords excessively. For instance, if you’re an accountant living in New York who specializes in taxes, using keywords like “tax accountant in New York” or “New York tax accounting services” on your website acts like a limelight that will attract clients to your door.

The takeaway is to write your accounting website content in such a way that both Google crawler and the audience can read and identify it. Further, you can also incorporate location-specific keywords such as “financial accountant near me” or “tax accountant in New Jersey”. This will help you get accounting leads.

How to do keyword research for Accountants ?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Analyze your targeted keywords on platforms such as  Smrush, Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. 
  • Type in your related words on these tools and click on the go button. A table will appear showcasing the monthly/annual search volume of the word, with difficulty and intent level. Plus, you will get the data of more related keywords. 

Tip: Look at high-volume keywords with a low difficulty. 

How to do keyword research for Accountants ?

  • Google search page result is another great way to find what your targeted audience is searching for. Note down these words, search them on these tools, pick the one that suits you well, and incorporate them into your content.

How to do keyword research for Accountants ?

  • Choose one primary keyword and keep the other as a secondary keyword. The primary keyword is your main keyword, which you must include in your headings.
  • Keep an eye on the long tail keywords as well. These are more specific and to the point. Plus, you might have a higher chance to rank on SERP. For example: “Best tax accountant in New York” is a long-tail keyword.

Case Study for Accountant SEO

Firm Name: James Accountant and Tax Practice. 

The firm has over 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation. Their expertise are real estate transactions, construction companies, professional service corporations, limited liability corporations and US citizens with foreign income.

Ranked for keyword: Best tax accountant in miami

Organic Traffic Growth: 542.76%

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Write Quality Content for Accountants 

As the saying goes ‘content is king’, content is always powerful when it comes to SEO for accountants. When a client comes in, he/she wants to find valuable information that answers their accounting questions. Creating articles and blog posts that answer common financial questions instead of long technical text attracts clients to your accounting services. You can share accounting tips, tricks, and stories to show that you’re not just an accounting firm but a friendly guide in the financial world. 

Thinking from the perspective of Google, it wants to show the best quality content to its viewers. If your content is scraped, copied, or of poor quality, Google will never consider it to be good quality content. Plus, you must use powerful CTAs such as “Contact Us”, “Book an Accounting Call”, etc, in your website content.

How to write quality accountant content ?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Just write quality, informative, and unique content. Don’t write it just for the sake of ad approval. Google’s algorithms are very smart and they will catch you. 
  • As per Google policies, your content must add value to the audience. Google strictly says that it avoids content that advertises products or services. 

How to write quality accountant content ?

  • Further, Google prevents poor-quality content from ever appearing on the Search result page. Note: Stay away from scarped, copied, or poor-quality content. Create reliable and people-first content.
  • Answer people also ask questions on your website. For example, if you offer startup accountancy, you can write blogs on questions suggested by Google SERP. 

How to write quality accountant content ?

Some of the best blog topic ideas for accountants are as follows:

  • Explain complex jargons
  • A day in the life of an accountant
  • Explain tax codes
  • Case Study of your client
  • Explain finance and accounting news
  • Give Free advice here and now

Case Study for Accountant SEO

Firm Name: Whyte CPA Certified Public Accountant

The firm offers CPA, tax and accounting for Small Business particularly in Arizona, USA. 

Organic Traffic Growth: 628.91%

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On page SEO for Accountants

The next on the list of SEO for accountants is: On page SEO for accountants. A user-friendly website is essential for both SEO and attracting clients. Make sure that your accounting website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and looks great on Mobile devices.

In short, it must be responsive. A responsive and interactive design makes sure that your site adapts to different screen sizes. This further makes your accountant website accessible to a wide range of audience. You can think of it as well-organized and comfy office spaces for your clients. If everything is easy to find, your clients will want to come again and again.

The structure of your accounting firm’s website is equivalent to the pillars of the building. Indeed, a bad structure will cause the collapse of the building. For this, make sure to focus on what your target niche is searching for. This will help you create a proper site structure for ranking high on search engines. For instance, if your audience is searching for “startup accountancy”, you should look forward to making a dedicated webpage for this purpose. 

On the other hand, interlinks are equally important. It acts as a web for your website. When Google crawlers analyze your website, it looks for the interlinking in your webpage. The better it is, the more Google crawler can go in-depth into your website. In short, Google should know that you offer accounting services in the following domain and in which geographical location. 

How to do On page SEO for accountants ?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Do proper structuring of your accounting website. Make a dedicated page for every important section that the user might be interested in.
  • Upload the proper site map. This helps Google to understand your website in a better way.

How to do On page SEO for accountants ?

  • Make sure no internal link in your website is broken. Make all your links crawlable so that Google can visit them.
  • While writing content make sure it is structured properly, keeping heading hierarchy, indentation, and images in mind.
  • Use copyrighted free images from platforms such as Pixabay, Pexel, Unsplash, etc. You can also create your personalized images on Canva, Figma, or Adobe Photoshop. Use appropriate alt text, description, and caption for the same. This will further increase your impressions and clicks.
  • Make sure that all links in your website are working and none should result in an error page.
  • Analyze the speed of your accounting website on Google PageSpeed Insights to see how quickly it opens. If you have loading time more than 3 seconds, try to reduce that by using compressed images and removing unnecessary codes.

Local SEO for Accountants

If you provide your accounting services to a specific area then local SEO for accountants is the way to go. Ensure your accounting firm name, address, and phone number are consistent across your website and other online directories. You can consider various accounting directories such as Justdial, Bark, etc. If someone searches “business accountant near me”, chances are high that your accounting firm will pop up on the first page.

Further, encourage your clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business showing that your accounting services are the master in your local community.  

How You Can Use Local SEO for Accountants To Get More Clients ?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Create a complete Google My Business profile. Upload all the required details your customer might search such as contact no, address, services, opening hours, etc.

How You Can Use Local SEO for Accountants To Get More Clients ?

  • Leverage social media to the fullest. Analyze where your targeted customers might be spending their time. LinkedIn and Facebook are great connecting platforms for B2B leads. Therefore, upload quality content and engage with your followers frequently.
  • Use other online directories such as Just Dial, Bark, etc.
  • Make sure your contact details and address are consistent all across the web.
  • Perform local SEO audits, including Google My Business Audit, Google Search Console Audit, On-Page SEO Audit, Website Audit, etc.
  • Optimize your title, URL, meta description, and content accordingly. Be specific to your location so that you can rank higher on “near me” searches.
  • Include local keywords and phrases  in your website content. For example, if you have a tax accounting service in Miami Florida., you can use keywords such as:
  • Top tax accountant in Miami Florida
  • Tax accountant in Miami Florida cost
  • Free tax accountant in Miami Florida
  • Best tax accountant in Miami Florida

Case Study for Accountant SEO

Firm Name: Leadingham Rodgers, L.L.C. 

The firm offers a wide range of tax and accounting services such as individual and business tax preparation, financial reporting, bookkeeping and payroll services.

GBM profile ranked for the keyword: Best tax accountant in Montgomery, Alabama

Organic Traffic Growth: 439.76%

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Off Page SEO: Backlinks Creation for Accounting Websites

Backlinks act as a bridge connecting your website to others. These bridges are built when other websites link to yours. Search Wikipedia and analyze how they use interlinks and backlinks in their content. When reputable websites link to your accounting website, it tells search engines that you’re trustworthy. Share your financial wisdom, by guest posting on relevant websites, connecting with peers, and creating content that others want to share. Make sure you are getting quality backlinks from high domain authority websites. 

Off Page SEO: Backlinks Creation for Accounting Websites

How can you get quality backlinks for an accountant website?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Use keyword-rich anchor text. The word that links your web pages is known as anchor text. 
  • Use interlinks wherever possible. However, avoid using the same anchor text for two different pages.
  • Use tools such as Google Search Console, ahref, and Ubersuggest link feature to analyze the links of your accounting website and competitors.
  • Ask for links from other relevant sources through Blog posts, In-depth guides, Ebooks, Visual assets (like infographics), Case studies, and Original research.
  • Always remember that one of the best ways of generating quality backlinks is through creating shareable content.
  • Guest posting is yet another way to get backlinks. You can approach these website for guest posting:
  • The CPA Journal
  • Money Crashers

How can you get quality backlinks for an accountant website ?

Case Study for Accountant SEO

Firm Name: The Allen CPA firm 

The firm deals with certified public accounting, tax preparation, tax planning, IRS, auditing, etc.

Build Quality backlinks from DA>60

Organic Traffic Growth: 638.27%

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Accountant SEO: Regular updates and maintenance

Just like an office or home needs regular maintenance, your accounting website does too. SEO for accountants isn’t a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing journey. Regularly update your website with fresh financial and accounting content, like new blog posts, and updates to the services page. Further, delete or fix any broken or 404 links. Keep an eye on your accounting website’s performance to keep it well structured. Further, old content with updated facts and figures has a high chance of ranking up on the SERP and boosting your click-through rate.

How to update and maintain SEO for an accountant?

Here are the best SEO tips for accountants:

  • Regularly update those pages with the most traffic and high-quality links.
  • Don’t change the URL. Update meta description, images alt text, facts and figures, add images or visual graphics, schema markup, and interlink with new content.
  • Repromote the updated content on all of your social accounts.
  • Google promotes fresh content. Tell Google that your content stands at that front.
  • Analyze metrics such as impressions, page visits, click through rate, and others in Google Analytics and make changes if things are not working as you have projected. 

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So there you have it, that is the not-so-secret SEO tips for accounting firms. SEO for accountants isn’t rocket science. It’s more like creating a map that leads clients straight to your accounting firm. By using the right keywords related to the accounting domain, offering valuable content, and making sure your website is user-friendly, you can enhance your online presence and make your accounting services shine. SEO for accountants is the art of making sure your accounting expertise gets noticed in the competitive world of the internet.