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SEO For Surgeons: Best Tips to Get More Patients

If you are a surgeon, your business needs to have a great online presence. That’s an important factor to attract more patients. But do you know how to make your website more popular? And what can you do to reach your website to more users? The answer lies in: SEO for surgeons.

Here we will discuss a few SEO tips for surgeons that are important to keep your website on track:

  • What is SEO and why do Surgeons need it?
  • How does SEO work for Surgeons?
  • Tips to rank your surgeon website 

What is SEO for Surgeons and why do Surgeons need it?

Nowadays almost half of the people search for doctors or surgeons online. This is known to everyone and that is the reason why surgeons or doctors or healthcare providers are using digital marketing more than ever because they know the benefits of it.

Keeping all these in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing practices you could use to increase your Surgeon website’s visibility online. SEO for surgeons or doctors or healthcare providers could be a great way to reach their potential clients.

But let’s first understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is. Why is it so important for surgeons? SEO is the way to make your website rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Improve your website visibility online and you will see growth in your business.

The benefits of SEO for surgeons are far more than this, it can grow your business into something huge within no time.

How does SEO work for Surgeons?

Search engines like Google are constantly on the hunt for new content across the web. When someone searches for anything related to surgeons or surgery, many websites show up from the first page till the end. You will see that some searches are general and could bring up billions of results and some searches are so specific that they show up on a few selected websites.

The websites that show up on the search engine result pages after someone searches for a specific phrase are ranked top to last based on many factors.

The keywords users are searching for should be relevant to the content you uploaded on your website or it should be included in your website’s content. And many websites have more domain authority than others, which also affects the SEO ranking. Domain authority means how credible and reputable a few websites are. Backlinks also play a huge part here.

There is a chance that your website shows up on the third or fourth page of Search engine result pages. Understand that this is not enough to get customers because most users don’t even scroll to the second page of search engine result pages. So to be visible and attract potential patients to your website, your website should be among the top three ranks. The websites that are on the top mostly get higher clicks which drives more traffic to those websites and often has a chance to convert the user into a potential customer. 

Tips to rank your surgeon website 

Here are some best SEO tips for Surgeon:

  • Build a surgeon website that attracts users
  • SEO for surgeons’ keyword
  • Create high-quality surgery/health content
  • Focus on Local SEO for surgeons
  • Set up your surgeon practice in Google My Business
  • Use local keywords for your surgeon practice
  • Off page SEO for surgeons

Let’s Discuss these SEO strategies for surgeons one by one. 

Build a surgeon website that attracts users

Your surgeon’s website is the first thing that users see, so make sure they love what they see. That is the first point of interaction between you and your potential patients. So it is very important to make a good impression by creating a user-friendly, well themed, and fast-loading website.

Here we will mention a few things that a surgeon should keep in mind while building a website.

  • The website design should be simple and the user should not get puzzled while finding anything.
  • The messages you put on your website should be simple and clear so that anyone can understand.
  • The images and videos that you post on your website, could be of your practice, instruments, location or your staff should be of good quality
  • The content or information you provide through your surgeon website should be authentic. 
  • Post content that users like, as you have a medical website, you can post content on health, disease awareness, remedies, etc
  • Put all the positive reviews of your previous clients on your website, that will create a sense of trust in other patients who are surfing through your website.
  • Call to action for – messages, emails, and booking appointments should work, and redirection to another page should be quick and easy to understand.

These are a few tips to make your surgeon’s website attractive to users. If you keep in mind all these points while creating your website, then it will have a positive impact on your potential patience and can get you many appointments.

Keyword Research and Planning for SEO for surgeons

Keywords are the phrases that users search for, and if you get hold of every potential keyword that you could use in your surgeon content then it will benefit you a lot. 

If you know what people search for, you can create content according to that. So that when people search for similar topics you provide, your website might show up on the search engine result pages or SERP. So, it is very important to have the right SEO keywords for surgeon practice in your content that people search for on Google. It is important to rank your website higher on Google and attract more users.

A question might arise: how to search for the proper SEO keywords for surgeons that people are searching for? You can do deep keyword research to get keywords that people use.

Here are some relevant SEO tips for keyword research for surgeons:

  • Start with the services you provide, use specific service names, and surgery names that people might search for. Here are few service related SEO keyword example for surgeons:
  1. cataract surgeons
  2. cataract removal surgery
  3. cataracts cataract surgery
  4. ortho surgeon
  5. plastic surgery
  6. Surgeons
  7. vascular surgeon
  8. Orthopedist
  9. carpal tunnel surgery
  10. carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel surgery
  11. eyelid surgery
  • Conduct Competitor research and see how well they have incorporated your targeted keywords in their website content.
  • There are many keyword research tools where you just have to put the word and the tool will find you every related keyword in no time. A few tools you can use are – Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest, Semrush, etc.
  • Use long tail keywords for your website. Long tail keywords have very little competition compared to general keywords. By using these you can attract a specific type of customers who are searching for that specific content. This will increase traffic to your website and eventually grow your surgeon’s website.

Here we will provide you with some generic keywords as well as long tail keywords for surgeons that you could use for your website content.

  • orthopedic near me
  • orthopedic surgeon
  • plastic surgery near me
  • cosmetic surgeons near me
  • orthopedic doctor near me
  • hand specialist near me
  • hand doctor near me
  • hand dr near me
  • plastic surgeon near me
  • surgical center
  • knee specialist near me
  • orthopedic surgeon near me
  • gastric bypass surgery near me

Create high-quality surgery or health content

Knowing what phrases or keywords are users searching for is not enough to rank your website and increase traffic on your website. You have to create content and pages that have those terms. This will help you rank your website on top of Search Engine Result Pages.

To rank your website you have to create content that users want. And you have to cover topics your audience is asking for. 

Here are some relevant SEO tips for surgeons:

  1. Answer common questions asked by your users. Create blog posts and articles related to health, surgery, post-surgery care, pre-surgery care.

Suppose someone searches for “Post-surgery care tips”. You can write a blog article giving every tip possible and answering every question that is asked by your audience and post it on your website. Remember, if you post content that users like then it will increase traffic on your website.

We will give you some suggestions on which you can write blogs:

  • Pre-surgery care tips
  • Post-surgery care tips
  • Botox surgery 
  • Risks of surgery
  • Complications after surgery
  • Complications and solutions after C Section

      2.You can write blogs on different surgeries and risks involved as well as solutions to their problems, remember that you are                   running a health-related website, users will expect authentic information from you. So whatever you write, make sure you are stating           facts.

Focus on Local SEO for surgeons

Here are some Local SEO tips for surgeons:

  • Set up your surgeon practice in Google My Business
  1. Firstly put your surgeon practice business into Google My Business, so if someone searches for “surgeons near me” or “best surgeons near me” then your business will come up.
  2. Convince your previous patients or customers to leave a review on your Google business profile.
  3. Develop trustworthy relationships with nearby businesses and websites to get backlinks from those areas. Your ranking in local search can be improved through local backlinks and mentions.
  4. Include “near me” or “close by” keyword searches. For example, if you own a surgeons clinic in New York, try using keywords such as surgeons Near Me, affordable surgeons near me, and Best surgeons near Me

There are a few things that you can’t miss out to put on your Google My Business, so keep in mind to – 

  1. Include your Name in your profile
  2. Name of the clinic 
  3. Your website link
  4. Address/location of your practice
  5. Operating hours of your practice
  6. Contact details of your hospital
  7. Photos of your hospital/ practice
  8. Positive reviews of your previous patients 
  • Use local keywords for your surgeon practice

Use local keywords which means that use those keywords that people in your local area would use to find you. We will write you some local keywords and phrases that users might use while searching for a surgeon in their locality:

  1. surgeons near me
  2. emergency surgeon  near me
  3. pediatric surgeon  near me
  4. best surgeons near me
  5. private surgeon  near me
  6. Surgery hospitals near me
  7. Best surgery hospitals near me
  8. children surgeon  near me
  9. Affordable surgeon  near me 
  10. Reputable child surgeons
  11. Reputable surgeons near me

Suppose your hospital/practice is based in New York then you could use these specific local SEO keywords for surgeons:

  1. surgeons in New York
  2. emergency surgeon  in New York
  3. pediatric surgeon  in New York
  4. best surgeons in New York
  5. private surgeon  in New York
  6. Surgery hospitals in New York
  7. Best surgery hospitals in New York
  8. children’s surgeon  in New York
  9. Affordable surgeon  in New York
  10. Reputable child surgeons in New York
  11. Reputable surgeons in New York
  12. Also, if you want to provide specific surgery information to your local audience, then you can use these keywords or phrases in your content so that when people try to find any kind of surgeon, your website shows up.
  13. Cataract Surgeons in New York
  14. cataract removal surgery in New York
  15. cataracts cataract surgery in New York
  16. orthopedic in New York
  17. orthopedic surgeon in New York
  18. ortho surgeon in New York
  19. plastic surgery in New York
  20. Surgeons in New York
  21. plastic surgery near me in New York
  22. cosmetic surgeons in New York
  23. orthopedic doctor in New York
  24. carpal tunnel in New York
  25. eyelid surgery in New York
  26. hand specialist in New York
  27. hand doctor in New York
  28. plastic surgeon in New York
  29. Orthopedist in New York
  30. surgical center in New York
  31. knee specialist in New York
  32. vascular surgeon in New York
  33. gastric bypass surgery in New York

Off Page SEO for Surgeons

Off page SEO tips involve the practices you follow outside your website to get more leads in your website. While, interlining your content is important, you cannot afford to miss out on the another crucial SEO ranking factor for surgeons: Backlinks. Let us see how we can create quality backlinks for the website.

The relevant SEO tips for surgeons are:

  1. Create shareable content and become a trustworthy source of information in your niche. Post blogs or articles that other websites or people would want to link to or share with their colleagues.
  2. Find the website that has changed their domain name or their content has become outdated. Now research the website that links to the changed website and pitch your content to them. 
  3. Reach out to people and get a backlink in return. However, remember that the website should have high domain authority and relevant content. 

Stick to these SEO strategies for surgeons that we provided and keep using these to grow your Surgeon website and rank well in search engine result pages. Also don’t forget to keep analyzing your website thoroughly every day, if you see your strategies are not working, you might need to change your SEO strategy a bit.