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SEO for Hospitals: Effective Tips to Boost Revenue

Healthcare SEO is the practice of bringing the online presence of healthcare facilities and optimizing it in the best way to get more attention and visit from search engines. Since the digital era is expanding, online healthcare services are simultaneously increasing. Nowadays, people use the Internet for their healthcare consultancy. A survey indicates that 97% of web users use the internet to diagnose their illness.

Can you tell us how frequently you searched for the symptoms of your illness? Almost every time. Right! We probably searched for medicine prescribed by doctors in online medical stores. For its sake, the health industry is widely expanding on the internet. Now it becomes quite challenging to list your hospital on Google top-rank searches, especially in this niche. If you own a pharmacy or hospital, it’s the best time to make a hospital website, a healthcare consultancy, or an online medical shop before it’s too late. Having a high-ranked website in the Google search gives you an edge to stand out in the competitive world for your potential customers.

But how could you make it possible when healthcare has such wide competition in its niche? Don’t worry! You are at the right place to guide you through some steps to get your hospital website on the top results.

Why is SEO for the healthcare industry different?

The aim of more search traffic is unique to each business, especially to the healthcare industry. SEO can help in a wide range of health services from doctors to patients and other pharmacies. Healthcare covers both B2B business-to-business as well as B2C business-to-consumer strategies.

Some SEO Tips for Hospital Websites:

A healthcare website is different from other shopping websites. It is crucial to display the right informative content through your website for the potential customer. 

The design of the hospital website plays an important role in engaging visitors. Websites often have a large amount of information but sometimes they lack proper structure to them. 

Consequently, visitors are confused, therefore, website visibility decreases.

Moreover, many websites lack some basic present design standards which makes them incompatible or challenging to browse on laptops or smartphones. Hospital websites must consider the fact that visitors may be experiencing an emergency or need to find quick and crisp information. Because of this, they should aim for some general standards like:

  • Fast Navigation
  • Easy accessibility on smartphone
  • Quick information

Let’s explore some features of hospital website layouts:

  • Simple navigation: Do you know why most websites rank low in Google? Because of Navigation! YES, you heard it right. Most sites lack some basic layouts to make them clear, concise, and patient-centric. Customers must give one-click access to appointments, find doctors, and visit other services.
  • User-friendly interface: Your landing page should have neat designs. Choose the right color palette which is similar to the brand color. Try to make it simple, simple is best. Majority of the hospitals use these colors in their website: blue and white. However, you can also experiment as per your needs.
  • Mobile Friendly: People access the internet on smartphones. The main objective is to make it responsive so that users don’t have to deal with any kind of screen size issue. If they find your website difficult to scroll or navigate on their other devices, they turn away from your website and may choose your competition over you.
  • Doctors and staff directory: The best hospital site must be open and transparent. They never cloaked information in secret about the doctors and staff members. This principle will increase your site’s credibility. You also take the user scroll path easier by adding pre-appointment options with each doctor.
  • Specialties: You must add on the specialties and treatments you offer at a hospital to give you an edge over others. You can also have a separate page for each service you offer to provide customers with additional information.
  • Contact information: The landing page must have your contact information since visitors may need you in an emergency. It becomes easy for the visitors to get information initially instead of running around for it. 

If you follow up on the above-mentioned steps, your search engine optimization upgrades. Well, your hospital website optimization will be sorted.

But doing only this will not pull your site on the top ranks of the Google searches. You need to go the extra mile to be visible on the top heights of search engines.

SEO strategy for healthcare website:

If you are on the hospital SEO journey, this is the right place. Well!You are probably aware of the Google algorithm and the factors that played quite an important role in ranking. Reading numerous reasons and factors of SEO can be exhaustive to start your journey. It looks so tough. No! It is not that hard. It starts with simple factors like great content with suitable keywords with the right font size and font style of text.

Luckily you can start with a few most important factors like keyword research, suitable quality content, and backlinks. Don’t worry, we will go in-depth one by one.

How to Build an SEO Strategy for hospitals?

Here are some important SEO tips for hospitals:

  • Understand your centric-customer
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Seek the marketing strategy
  • On-site healthcare SEO
  • Off-site healthcare SEO
  • Local SEO 

Understand your audience for Hospital SEO 

Understanding your potential-centric- patient is one of the foremost steps in building the website.

This will help you to know their challenges and give you ideas for the content they acquired. You can optimize your healthcare SEO as per their preferences.

Deeply understand your targeted audience and prepare a tailored solution for them. Do Consider the demographic factors and health concerns for visiting your website.

Here are some relevant SEO tips for hospitals:

    1. Your audience can be a patient, caregiver, or healthcare professional. 
    2. Do research on the audience. As we move on to a specific niche, requirements change. A tailored solution is the only way.  
  • Categorize your audience:

 Give your audience what they need. For example- look at an account of the audience of different geographic locations. Local patients seek the services in their local area whereas international customers seek specialized treatment. 

  • A healthcare professional can also be your customer who is searching for a job or any other resources.
  • Caregiver: They can also be one of the potential customers. You can reduce their challenges by providing resources and educational material to guide them. 

        3. Research your competition: Your competition encourages you to broaden your limits. Do research on your competition on                Google search. You will get a clear picture of how you can make it stand out in the world.

        4.Make your interface user-friendly for the audience who are physically unable. For example: keep in mind the customers who           are color blind. For people like them, you must reduce the blue and red color from your color pallet. This will eventually increase                   your audience range.

       5.You can also use a text-to-image translator for the blinds.

Keyword Research and Planning for Hospital SEO:

Research well performing and converting hospital keywords for your website. Users can use keyword planning tools such as Google keywords planner and SEmrush for the same. Choose your keyword wisely, using only those which has high search volume with low competition. Somes of the keywords you can use are:

  • Best emergency hospital in [your location]
  • Best hospital in [your location]
  • Best hospital to work for in  [your location]
  • Best hospital to in [your location] to give birth.

SEO Marketing strategy for Hospitals:

Here are some relevant SEO marketing tips for hospital to get organic traffic:

  1. Create a patient-centric website: Your website plays an important role in setting the brand identity within your customers. It gives you a landmark of trust/ originality within your customer. Do analyze your competition and create content to rank on Google.
  2. Expand brand on social media: It has been slow to adopt marketing on social media but on 2 October 2022, 4.74 billion people actively used social media for health issues. The world is adopting digital hospitals for health issues.
  3. Running paid advertisements: This can be more tricky since healthcare data must be preserved. But rather than promoting services, if you provide one-to-one interaction sessions for free trials and focus on trust-building within your audience, eventually it will increase your engagement. Use social media to humanize your facilities by letting the patients see their doctors and nurses to make the hospital special. 

Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide ad services. You can run your campaign according to the interactive audience. Going with organic healthcare marketing is also good, it’s slow and unpredictable. Google code is hard to crack as its algorithm keeps changing. 

     4.Brand image: One can imagine a brand with a white or blue background and a sterile environment. Use the human- side in                  your hospital marketing strategy. Set an identity to the top-notch care. Add a human element to your brand that can                               sympathize  with your customer persona. Focus on highlighting the elements like free camps, and blood donation camps that            will connect people to your brand.

     5.Get referrals from Doctors: Your hospital could not only focus on the patients but also on other patients involved in the journey      of providing care. Visit the hospital and clinic around you to inform you about your hospital. Inform them about your services and                treatments that you can provide to recommend you to their patient.

On-site SEO technique for Hospitals

Mainly 8 essential factors are responsible for better changes in the SERPs. 

They are: 

  • Title Tag
  • Heading
  • content comprehension
  • Internal links
  • E-A-T signals
  • useful features of content
  • Image alt text
  • Title tag : 

It appears during the Google searches and presents above the meta description and below the URL of your website. Meta optimization is the basic and simplest task in SEO. 

Crafting the title tag is an art. SEO follows a rule that uses approximately 60 characters for the title tag but try to use words under 50-55 otherwise Google can rewrite your title tag. 

Follow these steps while using the title tag:

  • Use keywords to write your title tag
  • Use a simple language known to your audience
  • Make eye catchy line on the brand title
  • Tell the search intent of your targeted audience

Sometimes Google doesn’t display the title tag you have suggested. They pull another header from your page. That’s why you must optimize them.

  • Heading: 

Your content is king. But don’t forget about his queen. The heading tag is the queen which is the most critical and vital part of the search engine. The chatbot searches the heading tag and displays the result.

Heading SEO tips for hospitals are:

  • Use only one h1 tag
  • include primary keywords
  • use less than 50 characters
  • make a tag unique
  • Don’t do Keywords stuffing
  • Use simple language
  • Comprehensive content: 

Since content is the main part of hospital SEO, it is essential to make sure it is not just keyword-rich but also deep. Great content anticipates the user to ongoing questions and answers too. Your website content must be crisp and short i.e. stick to the point. 

Look at the product description, it is easy to read and use the keywords that reflect the true image and semantically related keywords. 

  • Rich with terms semantically related to your targeted keyword.
  • Easy to read for people and machines.

Here are some blog topic ideas for hospitals:

  • Post helpful tips
  • Write about symptoms
  • Bust the common myths
  • Share latest researches
  • Internal links:

 It is highly effective for hospital on-page SEO as it allows you to optimize anchor text to the destination page.

Internal linking optimization follows two rules:

  • Optimize the anchor text with the targeted keyword
  • Choose link placement wisely.

Internal linking is easily sold or clickable to most clients by optimizing anchor text.

  • E-A-T:


is another way for Google to measure the value of the content.

Ex: While posting any article make sure that the content is true to your knowledge and that the author is reputed. For more authenticity, provide the bio of the author. Adding Awards, testimonials, latest studies, and white papers add value for your targeted audience. 

  • Content usefulness: 

Content research for users is the most essential for providing your user-relevant content. PAA or “People also ask” enables Google to increase snippets on the SERPs. Google will recommend your site. You must find and work on PAA having weak and wrong answers. Also, Do you want to optimize the PAA directly and add relevant questions to the subheading? For the long-form articles, using the H2 heading is better. For the e-commerce page such as a hospital, we can add an FAQ section. 

  • Img Alt Text:

 Depending on the content you are writing, image SEO plays an important role. If your content is based on the infographics then alt text should be fully optimized. Descriptive alt text is important for physically unable people like blind and deaf.

Off-site healthcare SEO

For your hospital, off page SEO or backlinks are as important as the referrals you get. You know the importance of recommendation, it increases your credibility as well as popularity. The same is with quality backlinks. 

Here are some relevant SEO tips for hospitals:

  1. Guest Post: Get featured on other websites.
  2. Broken Link strategy: Find broken links on other high domain relevant websites and submit your content at its place.
  3. Outreach: Outreach other authentic and famous blogs or interviewers and get your backlink.

Local SEO for Hospital

It is the process of optimizing your online presence to increase local traffic brand value and visibility. Local SEO is crucial for hospitals since they will get the majority of their clients from local people.

  • Create content for your customer
  • Find local keyword and phrases
  • Optimizing your Google business profile.

Over 75% of the customers in the UK , France, and Germany use Google for buying information. The keyword hospital near me has popularly grown up to hundreds of millions of searches. 

Here are some relevant local SEO tips for hospital:

  1. List your hospital in Google My Business. Optimize your profile by adding all necessary information such as your working hours, address, phone number, website links, and images.
  2. Use local keywords and phrases such as: “eye hospital in new york city”, or “best affordable hospital in Miami ”. Incorporate near me and close by search queries in your website content. Check the local keyword volume metrics as well. 
  3. List your hospital in online directories such as: AMA Doctor Finder (American Medical Association), Doximity, Better Doctor, Doc Info (Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States), etc.
  4. Encourage users to review.

We have discussed some of the best SEO techniques for ranking hospitals to boost their site visibility and authenticity. Follow them with patience and consistent efforts and get the results.