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Best SEO Strategies for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

SEO for Sports Websites or Sports Betting Websites: Owning an online business or website is fruitful but isn’t easy in this digital era, especially when the market is competitive. If you own an online sports-related business- be it a news platform, a sports betting website, or a sports merchandise online store – you probably know that surviving this competitive niche is not a cakewalk. 

The online sports industry is new and full of golden opportunities, however, you need to take the extra mile to grow your online brand, or else no one will know it exists. Since search forms one of the significant parts of a user’s online journey, you cannot neglect SEO for Sports Websites or SEO for Sports Betting Websites. SEO or search engine optimization will help you rank among online searchers and boost your site’s credibility.

Sport & Sport Betting Industry

You are producing high-quality content or service, however, Google does not consider your Sports Websites or Betting Websites relevant enough to rank on the first page. You are getting poor impressions with a very small Click rate (CTR). Is it because people aren’t searching for the content or service you provide? Think again. Is that why you are not getting more traffic? Or you are new and the online world seems crowded? Whatever the possibility may be, let us remove your doubts. 

Sports is a quite popular niche. In fact, the online sports bettors in the U.S. are predicted to touch a whopping 23.1 million mark in the year 2023. There are millions of sport-related tweets every single day. Further, about 1 in 5 adults in the US says that they bet on sports events. Now, how do you think they contact the sports betting platforms? Mostly through search engines, right? 1 9

Sports is a large global industry. So, why are you not able to make your sports business stand in this flourishing industry? It’s probably because you are missing something. When it comes to online business, poor SEO implementation might be at the top of the list. 

The online sports industry is too crowded. Google queries related to sports, you will mostly see large media houses’ websites at the top of SERP because all of these cover sports industry news and updates and have a high domain authority. How will you make your place in this competitive scenario? Worry not, it’s not impossible. Let’s see how we can do sports website SEO rankings.

SEO Strategies for Sports Websites/Betting Websites

A properly implemented Sports Websites & Betting Websites SEO will increase not only the footfall on your website, but also bring you more sponsors, clients, subscribers, and a plethora of new opportunities. It has become more crucial than ever to have a solid Sport website and betting website SEO. 

Top SEO tips for sports websites and betting websites are listed below:

  • Find your target audience
  • Using the right keywords
  • Mobile friendly Sport website
  • Website Optimization
  • High-quality content
  • Delete broken links
  • Backlinks and Off-page SEO
  • Social Media

Find Your Target Audience for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

The first and foremost step towards SEO Strategies for Sports Websites or Sports betting websites is to define your goal and the target audience. Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve from your Sports Websites or Sports betting Websites? Are you aiming to increase your sales? Do you want to earn from Google Adsense or sponsors? OR do you want to become an industry leader in a particular sport such as football, basketball, or soccer? 

Identify your niche. Or we would say micro-niche. If you pick the tremendously vast sports industry, let’s say sports or sports betting, you will go nowhere. Probably your sports website or sports betting website will get lost in the vast sea of unending sports industry websites. Therefore, focus on a particular niche and be the best in it.

What’s the way forward? Research, brainstorm, and plan out your goals. 

 Using the Right Keywords for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

The next step is to direct your efforts to keyword research. This not only optimizes your sports website or sports betting website SEO but also helps you identify your niche. The steps to conducting keyword research and planning are:

  • Take help from Google itself. Analyze Google SERP, identify what your target audience is searching for, and make a list of those most searched sports and sports betting keywords. Sections to look for in SERP are: 
  1. Related Searches
  2. Google suggestion
  3. People also ask for a section
  4. Keyword Synonyms that Google highlights
  • Do competitor research. Analyze what they are doing and how they are doing it. The best strategy would be to conduct SEO audits on sports websites and sports betting websites that rank at the top of SERP for your targeted keywords.2 9
  •  Use keyword research tools such as ubersuggest, ahref, Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, etc. to find search volume, user search intent, keyword difficulty, etc. Pick the keyword with relevant intent, high monthly search volume, and low keyword difficulty. Further, these keyword planning tools will also give you various suggestions for related keywords.
  • Go for a long tail keyword, they are more to the point, and they have a higher conversion rate.
  • There are broadly four types of user search intent. Let’s analyze them concerning sports websites and betting websites:
CommercialNavigationalInformational Transactional
MeaningThe user wants to investigate brands, products, websites, or servicesThe user wants to go to a particular website, location, or webpage.The user wants to get specific answers or information to the searched queryThe user wants to purchase something and complete an action
Word usedbest compare review, cheapest, affordableDomain name, any sports website or betting website nameHow, why, what, tutorialBuy, for sale, online download, register, login
For examplethe most popular sports to bet on, 

What is the safest sport to bet on? 

easiest sport to bet on and win, 

Which sport is better, tennis or football? 

hardest sport to bet on

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How to bet on sports online,

How to do sports betting for beginners,

what do the + and – mean in sports betting,

What are the terms used in sports betting?

Is sports betting legal in the USA?

Bet on football prediction,

Best online football,

buy football jersey online USA,

Buy football tickets today,

register on world sports betting

Make a Mobile-Friendly Sports Website OR Sports Betting Website

If your sports website or sports betting website is not mobile-friendly, you are bound to lose almost half of your potential customers. But why? Because nearly 60% of online searchers come from mobile devices. Therefore, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly with an interactive user interface and quick loading speed. With the advancement of quick service such as “10-minute food delivery” or getting all the info on the planet at the click of a button, people have become quite impatient. Your potential customer might leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This in turn will negatively impact your bounce rate and tell Google that people are not linking your sports website or betting website. 

Further, optimize it for voice searches, as users are shifting more towards using Google Assistant and Siri for searching online. Therefore, targeting and incorporating]ing long tail keywords such as “What is the best way to bet on cricket?” are far more effective than a short tail keyword that covers broad needs, such as a bet on cricket.

Website Optimization for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

Your website’s structure plays an important role in how well it ranks on SERP. Optimize your sports website or sports betting website and make it well-structured and easier for Google to rank even higher. To optimize your website, follow these sports website SEO tips:

  1. Use proper heading tags such as H1, H2 to H6, etc. The tags should be structured in a way that depicts the hierarchy of titles. H1 is the main heading whereas all others are used to denote subheadings.
  2. Optimize internal links and URL
  3. Include keyword in your meta tag and use it as a magnet to attract your potential clients
  4. Tell Google you exist. The best way to rank on Google is to help Google find your content. You can do that by submitting a sitemap, a file on your website that tells Google about the pages on your sports website
  5. Place robots.txt in the root directory of your website. This tells Google which part of your website is accessible to crawl.

Publish High-Quality Content for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

Google appreciates value content. Well, that is exactly what it has been made for. Therefore publish high-quality keywords incorporating content related to sports or sports betting. Tell search engines and users that the information you provide is valuable by following these sports website or sports betting website SEO tips:

  1. Include contacts, services, or about us page so that you can make a connection with potential audience or players.
  2. Build users’ trust through content. Sports betting is a game that works on money transactions, and people are skeptical when it comes to their hard-earned money. Formulate your content in such a way that people can trust your sport or sports betting website.
  3. Use SEO elements such as ordered or unordered lists, tables, short paragraphs, active voices, etc.
    3 7
  4. Improve the readability score of your content. 
  5. Use multimedia elements such as images, video, infographics, animation, etc. Optimize them as well.
  6. Include conversing CTAs(call-to-action words)
  7. Additionally, refresh old outdated content. When you update old content, the google algorithm detects it and boosts your overall ranking.

Delete the Broken Links or Pages

Google hates inconsistency, especially when it comes to link crawling. All in all, broken links are frustrating experiences for your user as well as the search engine. Therefore, delete or renew broken links with fresh content. Let’s see how can find broken links on your sports website:


  1. Find broken links or dead pages on your website by conducting SEO audits on platforms such as Ubersuggest, semrush, ahref, etc.
  2. You can also use Google Search Console to get the crawl error report of your sports website or betting website. This report will tell you all the links that direct to a 404 error page.
  3.  BrokenLinkCheck.com is yet another platform where you can check broken links

Backlinks and Off-Page SEO for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

When it comes to SEO, you will always find backlinks on the must-follow strategy list. It’s how important its significance is in ranking factors. Also known as inbound or incoming links, they tell the search engine about the popularity and credibility of your website. Let us see some of the top SEO backlink-building strategies for sports websites or sports betting websites:

  1. Publish guest posts on high domain authority relevant websites. 
  2. List your sports website or betting website on online directories or related sites such as Yelp, Yellow Page, Hotfrog, Merchant Circle, etc. Niche down and get your sports website name on sporting directories such as Betting Directory, IDB Gaming, worldbet10, sportslinkio, World Casino Directory, etc.4 8
  3. Participate in events, podcasts, seminars, or interviews, and get a link back to your sports website
  4. Create better content and ask for backlinks
  5. Find broken links on other relevant high-domain authority websites, create content for that particular topic, and reach out to the website owner for link-building

Use Social Media for Sports Websites & Betting Websites

Social media are high domain authority websites and can give you added advantages while ranking. Here are some social media tips related to sports websites:

  1. Optimize your social media profile, Add keywords in the description and captions. 
  2. Use relevant keywords and hashtags in your social media caption like #sports, #cricket, etc.
  3. Add alt text to your content graphics
  4. You can also post interactive and engaging reels on social media
  5. Post engaging high-quality content specifically covering your niche.

SEO for sports websites or sports betting websites can be challenging due to the high competition and restrictions on gambling in some regions. However, with the right strategy and planning you can take full advantage of the online opportunity for your business.