SEO for yoga studio benifits yoga studios and trainers to achieve high ranking on search engine for the targeted queries, increase organic website footfall, increase conversion rates, and build brand awareness. Yoga studios should create a well SEO optimised website with the right keywords, list their studio on local directories and Google My Business platform, network in the industry, and gain high quality backlinks. 

SEO for yoga studio is one of the most cost-effective strategy to advertsie your yoga studio. What if we tell you there are approximately 49,500 online searches for yoga studios each month in the U.S.? Yoga came to the US in the 1800s and in around the 1950s, the concept started booming. It has become a common recreational activity. In 2018, there were around 6000 yoga studios in the US. In 2023, there were around 42,000 pilates and yoga studios in USA. The competition is increasing every year and being online has become a necessity, rathere tgan a luxury. 

SEO tips for yoga studio are detailed below in this blog post, where we have discussed how to do keyword research for yoga studio, what is the importance of local SEO for yoga studio and how to build yoga studio local online presence, how to create quality content that matches the search intent of the potential customers, how to make your online presence more accessible to search engine, why backlinks are an impoartnt ranking factor and how to earn them from reputable sources, and various other SEO strategies for yoga studio. 

What is SEO for Yoga Studio ?

Yoga studio SEO involves implementing strategies to boost your search engine ranking. There are various yoga studio SEO tips such as:

  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Keyword Planning
  • Local SEO for the yoga studio
  • Build quality yoga content
  • On-Page SEO for Yoga Studio
  • Off Page and Backlinking
  • Other SEO strategies for yoga studios

Let’s study them one at a time.

Yoga Studio Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competition will work as a wonder for you. It will help you get industry insight and the gap in which you can jump and start a profitable business. For this conduct SEO audits on the top competitor websites and analyze these key points:

  • Customer Base
  • Traffic Funnel
  • Keyword
  • Type of Content
  • Backlinks
  • Loading Speed, etc.

Yoga Studio Competitor Analysis

Keywords Planning for Yoga Studio:

The success in yoga studio SEO starts by researching and incorporating the right keywords. There are plenty of search queries related to yoga every single day. Now you have to decide for which particular yoga studio keyword you want to get at the top of the search engine. The thing is you need to be very specific about what kind of yoga services you will offer. If you focus on “yoga” keywords, your yoga website is bound to get lost in the vast sea of competitive yoga studio’s online presence. Hence, choose accordingly. 

How do I choose the right keywords for Yoga Studio SEO ?

The relevant SEO tips for yoga studio keyword research are:

  • Google search page is your inspiration for finding keywords. Google will suggest to you what your targeted market is searching for on its results page. The auto-suggests option, related searches, or the people also ask column will help you create more effective content that contains these keywords.
  • Once you have the keywords list ready, analyze them on keyword planning tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, ahref, etc. Notice their search volume, keyword difficulty, and user search intent. Go for the keyword that has a large search volume with low competition and the right search intent.
  • Generally, there are four types of user search Intent:
  •  Navigational: Your targeted market is searching for a particular website.


  1. Transactional: The user wants to enroll in your yoga classes or purchase yoga products.

Eg: buy a yoga mat

  1. Informational: The user wants to learn something or get more information on a topic.

Eg: how to do a pigeon pose

  1. Commercial: The user wants to differentiate between different brands or yoga products.

Eg: the best yoga mat

  • It is recommended to use keywords with informational search intent in your blogs. Transactional search intent keywords should find their place in services, products, or landing pages.
  • Target medium tail and long tail keywords. They are more specific and will help you answer the user search intent. For example, instead of using a short-tail keyword such as “yoga studio”, go for long-tail keywords such as the one listed here:
Yoga Studio Keywords Monthly Searches Keyword Difficulty
prenatal yoga near me 12,100 Low
Bikram Yoga near me 9,900 Low
pregnancy yoga near me 1,900 Low
beginner yoga near me 12,100 Low
Corepower Yoga near me 4,400 Low
Ashtanga Yoga near me 1,600 Low
flying yoga near me 1,300 Low

Long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate and can bring in more students or customers.

Local SEO for Yoga Studio:

An aspiring yogi in New York won’t be interested in enrolling in your yoga studio based in Miami. Yes, we can’t neglect the blooming online classes opportunity, but we can’t miss out on the local population. Local customers will come out as a better lead for your yoga studio in the long term. It is because people prefer attending physical yoga classes in their vicinity and if your website comes at the top of that result, you will uncover a hidden treasure. Let’s see how we can market our yoga studio in our vicinity.

How do I create a local SEO strategy for a yoga studio ?

The relevant local SEO tips for yoga studios are:

  • Optimize your Google My Business Profile. People looking for a yoga studio will turn to Google for help. If your yoga studio website is listed on Google My Business, it will be easy for potential students to find you. For this, complete your GBM profile by adding all the required details such as:
  1. Location
  2. Phone number
  3. Hours of operation
  4. A short description of your yoga studio and what you offer
  • Adding good photos from/of your yoga studio and positive reviews from Google users will increase your chances of SEO ranking.

Local SEO for Yoga Studio:

  • Use location-specific keywords or phrases such as prenatal exercise classes in Miami, mommy and me yoga in New Jersey, or couples yoga in Texas.
  • “Near me” or “close by” searches are another powerful keyword that will ensure your ranking. This type of search popularity grew by 900% over the last two years. For example: Use these keywords on your website content as well as in other channels:
  • prenatal yoga classes near me
  • yoga and Pilates near me
  • alo yoga near me
  • Iyengar Yoga near me
  • List your online yoga studio in various online directories. You can consider these directories for the same: 

Online directories that have high domain authority: Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. 

Yoga or healthcare-related directories: 

  1. YogChakra
  2. Yoga age
  3. Yoga Alliance
  4. International Official
  5. Yoga Finder
  • Make sure all your contact details and address are consistently mentioned in all your listings. 
  • Write local content or make a dedicated FAQ Page where you will answer common local yoga queries. For example, if you are in Miami writing content on these topics might help:
  • How much is a yoga class in Miami
  • Best yoga props shop in Miami
  • Participate in events and collaborate with other yoga studios or hospitals. Private hospitals will become a great lead source as they can recommend your yoga classes to their patients. In short, network well and let your locality know that you are a yoga expert. 
  • Encourage happy students or yoga trainees to leave positive reviews, comments, or testimonials on your digital channels.

Build Quality Yoga Content:

Creating good quality content is the key to unlocking yoga studio SEO. Make sure that the content you are writing is niche-specific and establishes your authority over the topic. People should be able to trust your advice, instruction, or practices while reading and consuming your content. Therefore, we would advise creating detailed, unique, and informative content. 

How do you write seo yoga content ?

The relevant SEO tips for writing content for the yoga studio are:

  • Create compelling content for both search engines as well as potential users.

A Quick Explanation: It works in both ways. If Google is not able to identify what your content is all about, people will not see it on the result page.

On the other hand, if people don’t find your content interesting or engaging, Google will mark it as a negative ranking factor. It will further decrease your chance of getting at the top.

  • Use targeted yoga studio keywords in your content. Place them naturally and avoid stuffing.
  • Place equally important on the search intent. This factor is underestimated by a lot of people who lack SEO knowledge. 

Here let us see how we can create SEO yoga content for various topics while keeping the search intent in mind:

Topic 1: Core Yoga studio in Miami

User Search Intent: To search for a local yoga studio in Miami. The user might be thinking of enrolling in yoga classes.

Page type: You should answer this keyword in an informative business page. You can also add a map that will guide the searcher to visit your yoga studio. Plus, upload your phone number, email, or a few photographs too. The tone should be persuasive as if you are inviting the user to book your slot now. 

Topic 2: How to do wheel pose 

User Search Intent: To learn about how to do a yoga pose

Page type: You should answer these types of long tail keywords in your blog or informative how-to guide. We would suggest writing detailed instructions on how to do the wheel pose. 

Give tips and tricks so that people can follow it and achieve the pose. Further, you can also add various other faqs related to wheel pose, such as safety measures or health benefits. Uploading tutorial videos, infographics, or images will also boost user engagement.

Topic 3: Best yoga props

User Search Intent: To compare products and yoga equipment shops

Page type: You should answer these commercial intent keywords on your product page. We would suggest writing a description of the product, listing various benefits and features. 

Add videos or images that will help you describe your product quality. Additionally, mention its price, material, and size, and don’t forget to add the reviews. 

On-Page SEO for Yoga Studio

Your website is your online yoga studio. Therefore, it should be as beautiful and calming as your physical studio. Focusing on your website is one of the best and easiest SEO strategies for yoga studios. The plus point is it’s quite an effective process.

How can we do on-page SEO for the yoga studio ?

The relevant On SEO tips for yoga studios are:

  • Optimize heading and title tags. Give a proper hierarchical structure to your yoga website. Since you are a yoga teacher or have your yoga studio, your calmness should be reflected on your website too. Therefore, avoid the mess.
  • Use a soothing color. This will improve your user interaction and make sure they stay on your yoga studio website for a long duration. You might ask: What is the best color for a yoga website? Well, generally most yoga websites use blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, and white. However, you can always try some unique colors.
  • Optimize your URL. If possible, try to incorporate your targeted keyword on your domain name. The domain that includes their targeted keyword has a higher chance for SEO ranking. For example: If you offer a couple yoga classes in Ohio, you can consider choosing your domain name as the one given below:


  • Make sure your website is properly interlinked with no broken links. 
  • Write a compelling meta tag description that includes your primary keywords. 
  • Use images, videos, or infographics as they make your website visually appealing. As a yoga studio, you can add your tutorial videos, studio videos, or demo class videos. 
  • Crawlers find and process images to decide your website content. Therefore, write SEO-optimized alt text and image descriptions for each graphic. For example: If you are posting a wheel pose yoga tutorial pic, you can name the file as: [your yoga studio name]-wheelpose-tut
  • Use a short but descriptive file name. For example, couple-yoga-seated-twist.jpg is better than blogimage.jpg
  • Remove unnecessary code and reduce file sizes as it will increase your website loading time. 
  • Optimize your website for voice searches. For this, incorporate long tail keywords such as “How to do pigeon pose” or “yoga beginner classes near me”.

Off Page Yoga Studio SEO and Backlinking

Off-page SEO and backlinking are other great ways to get credibility from other websites. However, when it comes to building backlinks, quality overshadows quantity. 

backlinks are given prefix “quality” when they come from: 

  • High-domain authority website. (Generally, a website that has a domain ranking above 50 is considered to be of high authority)
  • A website that is relevant to yoga and healthcare
  • Anchor text contains your keywords

Anchor texts are the words or phrases which contain your website links on another website.

Off Page Yoga Studio SEO and Backlinking

How do I create backlinks for my yoga studio website ?

The relevant off SEO tips for yoga studio are:

  • Collaborate and submit guest posts on high-authority websites. You can consider these websites for this purpose: Daily Cup of Yoga, Yoga Digest, etc. 
  • Identify broken links of other websites relevant to your niche. Create content on that particular topic and submit it to the website owner. 
  • Check your competitor’s website and see where they are getting their backing. Platforms such as Ubersuggest and Semrush will help you analyze this. Approaching those websites to publish your content might work well for you. 
  • Pinterest is yet another great way to generate backlinks for your yoga website. Make shareable content and link it to your Pinterest board. 
  • Participate in interviews and discussions. For an interview, you can approach these podcasts: Medtech Talk, Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown, Chasing Life, Maintenance Phase, etc.
  • Approach fitness freaks and influencers such as Kayla Itsines, Michelle Lewin, Jen Selter, Massy Arias, and Cassey Ho. Collaborate with them and share your content.

Other SEO strategies for yoga studios are:

Some other Yoga Studio SEO strategies are:

  1. Youtube Marketing: Create your YouTube channel and post how-to, tutorial, yoga benefits, myths, and facts videos. For reference, visit the famous yoga YouTube channels such as:
  • Yoga by Candace
  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Yoga with Tim
  • Body Positive Yoga

2. Social Media Marketing: As a yoga teacher, you can’t afford to miss out on the large opportunity that social media offers. Create your Instagram or Facebook account. Add your details including your contact number, address, etc. Regularly posting good content will establish your popularity among yoga enthusiasts.

This covers a detailed guide on yoga studios. As a yoga trainer, you might find Yoga Studio SEO as something out of the world. In this situation, consider contacting a digital marketing expert or yoga SEO specialist.