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SEO For Orthodontics: Tips to Boost your website ranking

When it comes to the online world, the marketing is quite affordable. You just need to have the right tricks and techniques. And when you have a sound knowledge of SEO, you can rule the online world and make your mark here. It is because SEO is the umbrella concept that covers every aspect of offline marketing: from rank boosting to high conversions.

As an orthodontist, dealing with teeth straightening and whitening, implementing SEO can be a challenging task. However, let us tell you that it can be a great way to let your customers find you online.

Orthodontic SEO focuses on boosting the website’s awareness and traffic from organic searches by:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off page optimisation

Also, orthodontists must use local SEO strategies that concentrate on specific areas. This is a great way to improve the ranking of their websites for local searches.

Therefore, an orthodontist can use SEO for their website to increase the visibility of their website and draw more potential clients by following these simple digital marketing strategies.

Why SEO Is Important for Orthodontists?

Orthodontists depend on their websites being discovered by patients using search engine results pages (SERPs). For a business to maintain its place in today’s market, a strong SEO is very important. You can boost your website traffic and bring in more people from relevant search queries by optimizing your website and content.

Also, SEO for orthodontics could help you in ranking higher in local search results. This is important because the majority of people visit their local dentists for orthodontics treatment. You could improve your chances of ranking in local results by optimizing your website for local search through Local SEO.

An SEO plan built particularly for orthodontists will improve visibility and traffic from organic searches on your website. It will also make it easier for orthodontic patients to find you. 

The benefits of orthodontic and dental SEO are:

  • When people have a toothache or any tooth-related problem, the first thing they do is find a local orthodontist or dentist around them. If you practice Local SEO well then chances are that people around you might find you online.
  • SEO is cheap, you won’t have to spend an ample amount of money for this. If you do traditional advertising or run ads on Google it might cost you a fortune. So, it’s better to stick to a cheap plan. 
  • You can also give tough competition to your rivals around you if you invest in SEO for your website. You can rank above them and also get more traffic to your website.
  • Orthodontics is a business where people have to trust you, so if you rank well in search engine results then people will automatically grow a sense of trust on your website.

Steps to Find Your SEO Ranking for Orthodontists

To find out your SEO ranking, start by opening Google and entering a few appropriate keyword phrases. Try “orthodontics New York” or “orthodontic dentist New York,”.

When you press enter, a list of organic results and a few paid advertisements will show up in the search engine results. Check your website’s position in the organic results. You might even not see your website on the first and second pages. But with proper SEO strategies, you can drag our website to the first page of Google Search results.

Go through the websites of your rivals. See what they do. Do they have titles with lots of keywords? What kind of content do they provide? You could find a few ideas to improve your SEO by researching your rival companies. See what new and innovative things they are doing, and do that for your Orthodontic website.

Finally, analyze the performance of your website using tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, and Search Console. This will give you data on backlinks, keyword rankings, and other important statistics for your website. 

7 Quick Tips to Improve SEO Rankings for Orthodontists

Orthodontic marketing is tough, and lots of practices hire an orthodontist SEO company to improve their Google ranking. But if your budget does not allow you to hire a Digital Marketing agency for your Orthodontic website marketing then you can do it yourself too. We will provide you with some strategies that you could use to handle your Orthodontic website’s SEO by yourself.

Boost your orthodontic blog’s traffic by using email. 

Build a list of customers and send them regular updates about what is happening in your business. It can help in motivating users and they might get motivated by the offers or any content and then visit your website.

First of all, start gathering emails from your previous clients. Send them late updates about your business, tips or tricks about oral health, or anything useful to them. Doing this can grow a sense of friendship between you and your client.

For example: If you have any discount going on or you have published a paper on oral care, send it to your customers. That might encourage them to visit your website, eventually driving more traffic to your website and improving your online presence.

Create a user-friendly Orthodontic website 

Your website is the first thing that users notice, so make sure that your website is attractive enough so that users get hooked to it and scroll further. To do that, keep creating good content, use keywords strategically, and don’t stuff keywords in your content because this may seem like robotic behavior to Google Search, and your content might get sidelined before even reaching the users.

Nowadays, most searches are done through mobile phones because it is much easier for people. So your website needs to align well on every device. Your website design should adapt to various screen sizes and should load quickly and accurately on every device. This is very important to improve user experience.

Also, Google favors mobile-friendly websites when it comes to ranking websites on Google Searches.

Local SEO for Orthodontics

Set up and observe your profile on Google My Business:

Here are some relevant SEO tips for orthodontics:

  1. The first step is to put your orthodontic business into Google My Business, so if someone searches for “orthodontic near me” or “best orthodontic near me” then your business will come up.
  2. Convince your previous patients/ customers to leave a review on your Google business profile.
  3. Develop trustworthy relationships with nearby businesses and websites to get backlinks from those areas. Your ranking in local search can be improved through local backlinks and mentions.
  4. Optimize your website for “near me” or “close by” keywords and phrases. 

Lets understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you own an orthodontic clinic in New York. In this case, try using keywords such as:

  • orthodontic near me/ in NYC
  • affordable orthodontic near me/ in NYC
  • best orthodontic near me/ in NYC

Other local SEO tips for orthodontics are as follows:

  1. The next step is to list your orthodontics business in local directories such as:
  • American Medical Association Doctor Finder
  • Medicare
  • Healthgrade
  • Find A Doc

    2.Add a map in your website, pointing to the direction of your clinic.

Use relevant keywords in your content for your Orthodontic website

Using the correct SEO keywords is very important to rank your website. But the question is, how would you know which are the right keywords for our orthodontic practice?

You can conduct Google Keywords research. Let us take an example to understand it further. Suppose you have a dental clinic in New York. 

In this case, you might include keywords like:

  • “orthodontics New York” 
  • “braces New York” 

in the Google search bar. By analyzing the search results, you can decide which keywords are frequently used by others in your field. Here are few suggestion made by google search algorithm:

  • Braces nyc price
  • braces cost new york without insurance
  • affordable braces nyc
  • how much do braces cost new york with insurance
  • diamond braces
  • braces cost nyc reddit
  • diamond braces new york
  • average cost of braces per month

You can also take the help of a few tools that are already there. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Semrush to find the proper keywords.

Here a few SEO keywords for orthodontics you can include in your content:

  • Orthodontist near me 
  • Orthodontics near me 
  • Retainers
  • Invisalign cost 
  • Braces cost 
  • Teeth braces cost 
  • Colored braces 
  • Orthodontic 
  • Invisible braces 
  • Invisible teeth braces 
  • Invisible dental braces 
  • Orthod 
  • Braces near me 
  • Ortho 
  • Clear braces 
  • Permanent retainer 
  • Transparent braces 
  • Transparent teeth braces 
  • Invisalign orthodontist near me 
  • Adult braces 
  • Crossbite Invisalign near me 
  • Ceramic braces

Here are a few long-tail keyword for orthodontics you can include in your content to increase your presence locally: 

  • orthodontic near me
  • emergency orthodontic near me
  • pediatric orthodontic near me
  • best orthodontic near me
  • private orthodontic near me
  • orthodontic near me accepting new patients
  • children orthodontic near me
  • walk-in orthodontic near me
  • orthodontic near me accepting medicaid
  • orthodontic near me accepting new patients adults
  • orthodontic near me aetna
  • Affordable orthodontic near me 
  • orthodontic near me accepting new patients no insurance
  • orthodontic near me accepts medical
  • orthodontic near me accepting medicare
  • adult orthodontic near me

Focus on Content creation for Orthodontic website

Try to create content that might help people, think about what services they want, and provide content to them accordingly. To increase your website traffic you can start writing blogs too. 

People looking for tips and tricks about oral health read blogs a lot, so use that to your benefit. We will let you know a few blog topics ideas for orthodontics that you could write content on:

  • orthodontist vs dentist?
  • Is orthodontics the same as braces?
  • Why are orthodontics so expensive?
  • What’s the cheapest price for braces?
  • What braces are the cheapest?
  • Cost to straighten your teeth
  • Least expensive way to straighten your teeth
  • Why do orthodontists charge so much for retainers?
  • Is orthodontic treatment worth it?
  • Most expensive orthodontic treatment
  • Why are some orthodontists more expensive than others?
  • Least expensive way to straighten your teeth?
  • Straighten your teeth if you can’t afford braces?
  • Hardest teeth to straighten?
  • How do you get Invisalign when you can’t afford it?
  • How can I align my teeth naturally?
  • What is the new method to straighten teeth?
  • Is there a cheaper alternative to braces?
  • What is faster braces or Invisalign?
  • Is it cheaper to get braces or Invisalign?
  • What are better aligners or braces?

Social media for Orthodontic website

As an orthodontic professional, you cannot afford to miss out on social media. For this, you need to post the content that people would love. And if your content is good enough then people will regularly look for your content. They will visit your website too, which will eventually increase your rankings on Google.

Here are some relevant social media optimisation tips for orthodontics: 

  • Give people knowledge about oral health

People have so many doubts about their health. You can give them tips and tricks to maintain their oral hygiene. You can also give them some homemade remedies to take care of their oral health. Most people don’t like to use chemical products so providing home remedies for their problems could be a good start to impress your audience. 

You can also share interviews of doctors speaking about oral health-related issues, which might create more trust among the people.

  • Keep them updated

Keep reminding them about your operating hours, fees, services you provide, days you operate, and everything they would need if they think of visiting you.

  • Share insights from your practice

Share information about your workers, nurses, their qualifications, and their experience in this specific field with your followers. This will create a sense of trust among your followers. They would know that their health is in the hands of professionals. They might think of visiting your clinic whenever they think of an orthodontist because all these positive reviews and insights from your clinic directly make them feel involved, safe, and secure.

Keep people informed and updated about health facts

Unfortunately, false information has always been available on the Internet, especially when it comes to medical and health problems. You can assist with correcting misconceptions by using social media to share postings from credible academic journals, share articles from trustworthy sources, and give your views on relevant topics. In this way, people can get more details about oral health straight from the source. You can give them a daily routine to take care of their oral health.

You can also take interviews of oral health professionals and post them on social media. People love to take tips from professionals as they know the subject well.

Off Page SEO tips for Orthodontics and Backlinking

Optimization of your website authenticity outside of your website is as important as on page SEO. Off Page SEO involves getting votes of confidence or backlinks from other relevant websites, stating that your website has authentic, informative, and unique content. More the number of backlinks, more will be the credibility of your website in google search algorithm. This in turn will increase your ranking on SERP.

Here are some relevant SEO tips for orthodontics:

  1. Get featured on other high domain authority and relevant websites. Through this you will not only boost your traffic but a;lso get a quality backlink.
  2. Participate in events, podcasts, and interviews and establish your expertise in orthodontics.
  3. Find broken links on other relevant websites, create valuable content on that particular anchor text topic, and submit your work to the owner.

    So stick to these SEO tips and tricks we have mentioned and discussed here. Remember SEO for your orthodontic website can take time, but it will be worth it.