Over the years, the competition in the jewelry business has gone up by a large percentage, especially in the USA. This scenario has made the jewelry sector one of the toughest markets in the USA, where several firms are vying for online market share. Time demands jewelers to dive into the ocean of Jewelry SEO to achieve their end goal, i.e: more revenue.

SEO for Jewelers is a beneficial online marketing tactic for attracting and influencing consumers and sales. To increase the visibility of your jewelry website for keywords associated with your jewelry business, you must use a proper Jewelry  SEO strategy.

Users get an extensive list of results whenever they search for any query on the search engine. As an observable fact, people trust the websites that rank on the first page of SERP. More people can locate and get in touch with you if you appear higher in search results. Therefore, you must aim to take your jewelry website to the top.

The top 4 brands in the USA’s organic jewelry search engine results pages are:

  • Kay Jewelers
  • Zales Jewelers
  • Malani Jewelers
  • USA Jewels

Jewelry SEO: SEO Strategies for Jewelry Stores & Jewelers

In addition to having the highest SEO visibility, Kay Jewelers also ranks first for the team “Jewelers in the USA”. Your website can also rank on the top of SERP with the right SEO for Jewelers strategies and implementations.

Why is SEO important for jewelry stores ?

Search engine optimization is beneficial for your jewelry business because it is quite easy to access and can result in overall success. The ultimate goal of any business is to gain success and high achievements and drive revenue. This holds for jewelry businesses too. Driving traffic to your jewelry business is the main goal of Jewelry SEO and is the best way to achieve that goal.

Jewelry  SEO helps to stay and build strong competition in the market of business. SEO is effective in its way and can establish a way to outrank your rivals and put your jewelry store on the top. You cannot let competing jewelry stores overtake your position in this market since the requirement to be at the top of an online search is crucial and to maintain that the techniques of using Jewelry SEO is important to know.

Here are some of the techniques that are listed below for SEO strategies for jewelry stores and jewelers:

  • Jewelry keywords research and planning
  • Creating a jewelry social media campaign
  • E-Commerce marketing
  • Jewelry marketing companies
  • Making content for the jewelry industry
  • Promoting jewelry business through different online platforms
  • Off-page SEO for jewelry business
  • Other Jewelry SEO Tips

Jewelry keywords research and planning

A vital part of Jewelry store SEO is keyword research. Choosing the right words is very necessary to appear on the search bar. Keywords are one of the top jeweler SEO strategies that you can use to attract the target audience. Using these tactics can put you in a good position on SERPs but the content should be equivalent to audience needs.

How can we do Jewelry keyword research and planning ?

The relevant jewelry SEO tips and tricks are:

  • Google is your answer, well in this case too. Search diamond ring on Google, and it will throw numerous suggestions for you. These might include: 

diamond ring gold

diamond ring men

diamond ring engagement

women’s diamond ring

  • You will find keyword inspiration from Google’s auto-suggest function, related searches, and the People Also Ask section.
  • The next step is to analyze your competitor’s websites. See what keywords they are focusing on and how they have incorporated keywords into their content. 

Jewelry keywords research and planning

  • Consider niching down on jewelry keywords. Engagement rings, rings, jewelry, diamonds, and wedding rings are some of the jewelry terms with the largest monthly search traffic on the internet. With the search of approx 8,23000 keywords monthly research ‘engagement ring’ is the most frequent term that has been used over and over. With 673,000 monthly searches, “Rings” comes in second. The monthly searches for “jewelry,” “diamond,” “Rolex,” and “wedding rings” range from 368,000 to 301,000. 
  • Use long tail keywords in your content. A few examples of long-tail jeweler keywords are:

Diamond engagement rings for couples

latest gold earring designs for daily use

Diamond engagement rings for couples

These keywords have a high conversion rate as compared to short-tail keywords.

  • Once you have listed down all your keywords, analyze their metrics such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and intent on tools such as SEmrush, keyword planner, etc. Pay attention to the user search intent of the keywords. Here are four different types of user search intent:
  •  Navigational: The user is looking for a particular jewelry website.

Eg: yourjwelerystore.com

  1. Transactional: The user wants to purchase the jewelry.

Eg: buy a diamond engagement ring

  1. Informational: The user wants to get information on a particular topic related to jewelry pricing, styling, design, etc. 

Eg: how to style pearls jewelry

  1. Commercial: The user wants to know the difference between various brands, designs, or jewelry products. 

Eg: the best platinum necklace design

Social media campaign for the jewelry industry

Being a jewelry business owner, you cannot afford to neglect social media. This will help people know about your creative design or any other USP. As a jeweler, you know that your audience comes from a diverse age background: young generation, children, Couples, and old age people. Social media is a digital channel that is used by almost everyone of different ages. For you, Instagram and Facebook will be the best digital media channel to showcase your brand and its values. 

How do I use social media for a jewelry store ?

The relevant social media tips for the jewelry store are:

  • Create high-quality content that focuses on your products. Be creative so it can target a mass no. of audience. 
  • Become a trustworthy source and answer your customer queries. Suppose you are the owner of a diamond jewelry business, posting reels, informative content, or videos on these topics will be a great option for your business:
  1. Are American diamonds cheaper?
  2. How much is a diamond ring in the USA?
  3. What is the world’s most expensive diamond chain?
  4. How much should I spend on a diamond necklace?
  • Collaborate with fashion influencers and create mutual content with them. You can consider approaching these fashion influencers:
  1. Huda Kattan 
  2. Rumi Neely 
  3. Bryanboy Lyn 
  4. Slater Jaime 
  5. Xie Blair 
  6. Eadie Atlantic-pacific 
  • Get in touch with fashion models and fashion photographers who will create the best click of your jewelry products. You can contact them for the same:

Fashion Models:

  1. Sofia Richie 
  2. Candice Huffine 
  3. Maya Hawke 
  4. Kate Moss 
  5. Christie Brinkley 
  6. Emily DiDonato

Fashion Photographers:

  1. Alec Soth 
  2. Camille Seaman 
  3. Bryan Schutmaat 
  4. Matt Eich 
  5. Jim Richardson 
  6. Steve McCurry 
  • Engage with your audience. Ask for their feedback, create quizzes, answer their queries, and reply to their comments. 

Jewelry store E-commerce content marketing

Almost everyone is shopping online. People are now dependent on online marketing for almost all their purchases. Within the US state, e-commerce grew 44% in 2020. Therefore, your website is as important for your business as your jewelry store. Optimizing your website for search engines is a cost-effective way to boost your Jewelry  SEO ranking. 

How can we do on-page SEO for jewelry websites ?

The relevant SEO tips and tricks are:

  • Your jewelry website should always be updated with the latest content.
  • It should be user-friendly, interactive, and attractive.
  • Your website should be easily navigable. For this, make different pages or sections for different products. 
  • Make your website attractive by uploading pictures so that it can target your audience and people can come in person to your store to buy them.
  • Build trust and value. Jewelry  purchases are expensive and people should trust your website before buying anything. Therefore, make sure your website answers all the doubts of your customers. Add your registered trademark and all other documents with certified status so that people can trust you. Further, add an authentic payment gateway to back your credibility. 
  • Make sure that your domain name contains your targeted keywords. Suppose you have a jewelry store in south Miami, your website domain might be: southmiamijweler.com

Or if you have your jewelry store near Miami Lake, your domain should be like: www.miamilakesjweler.com

  • Include your targeted keyword in your heading. 

Two syntax for writing headings are:

  1. Your Jewelry  Store Name: [Your Location] Jewelry Store, [Your best jewelry products such as Necklaces, Rings ]
  2. [Your USP such as Fine Jewelry Store] in [your location] | Your Jewelry  store name
  • Properly interlink your jewelry website and make sure no link is broken or results in 404 errors. 

Quality Content for Jewelry SEO

Another important component of Jewelry SEO is content creation. The content you create shows your brand and communicates what it is to your audience. 

How can I write quality content for Jeweler SEO ?

The relevant SEO tips are:

  • Earlier we identified the top jewelry keywords. Now, you can utilize those in your content creation. A top SEO strategy for the jewelry industry is to include these keywords within the content you create. 
  • Write informative content on various topics. You can write about anything relevant to jewelry right from fashion to maintenance. For example, you can create an informative post about how to clean your jewelry products. This will inform readers how to clean their jewelry and attract them to your website. It will also build your business’s credibility and authority. 
  • Write keyword-incorporated descriptions for all your jewelry products. The decryption should be concise, to the point, and compelling.
  • Use impactful CTAs such as Buy Now, Purchase Now, Add to Cart, etc. 
  • You can create a gift guide. Use your current products to create the perfect gift guides for your customers. 
  • Post content on how you can pair different jewelry pieces together to make the perfect look. This is a great strategy for the holiday season or birthdays and anniversaries. 

Off-page SEO and Backlinking jewelers

Off-page SEO means the work done outside the website to increase SERP ranking. One of the main aspects of off-page SEO is link building or backlinking. It is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. However, you must remember that when it comes to backlinks, quality wins over quantity. 

Backlinks are termed as quality when:

  • The website that links back to you should have relevant content and quality.
  • Anchor text or clickable text of a link should contain your keyword in a way that is relevant and natural to the linking page.
  • The domain authority of the linking website should be high, generally above 50.
  • Link location also plays a crucial role in determining the quality. If the linking website contains a lot of linking, google might treat it as a website solely made to generate backlinks.

Off-page SEO and Backlinking jewelers

How do I create backlinks for my jewelry store website ?

The relevant SEO tips for the jewelry store are:

  • Publish guest posts on other websites. This will also give you control over your quality and the anchor text. 
  • Identify broken links on the relevant high-domain authority website. Create quality content on that missing topic and approach the website owner explaining how your content would be helpful to them. 
  • List your jewelry website in online directories such as Luxury Lifestyle, jewelads.trade, World Jewelry Pages, etc.
  • Pinterest can also be a great way to get backlinks. Share valuable content in your pins and link back to your website. 

How do you attract customers to jewelry ?

The jewelry business is growing rapidly. With demand comes what people need. You can target your audience only when you make them comfortable with your website and content. A jeweler business owner should always be updated about what’s going around and what are the needs of the audience. 

Here are some other SEO strategies for jewelers that might help your website boost its inline leads and sales:

  • List your offerings on a third-party marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.
  • Create a YouTube channel to post informative guides and entertaining content. See these jeweler YouTube channels for example: Kay Jewelers, TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry, etc.

How do you attract customers to jewelry ?

  • Giving full attention to online reviews.


Jewelry marketing is becoming popular day by day. However, without Jewelry SEO tips and strategies you cannot run a successful business. If jewelry marketing seems like a difficult task, more difficult than getting that diamond out of its mine, consider contacting a jeweler SEO agency for help.