Are you a real estate agent or a property investor? The one that is as important as the pricing of your property is your search engine ranking. In order to sell your property to the prospective buyers, they must know that it exists and is up for sale. To reach out to potential customers, search engines are something you cannot afford to miss out on this digital era. And for search engines to add magic to your revenue, you must invest in SEO for real estate agents and property investors. So the picture is clear now: Practicing real Estate SEO implies high search engine ranking with boosted visibility, which further implies increase in profits. 

What is SEO for Real Estate ?

Real estate SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization for real estate, means to attract the audience to your online content by optimizing it for search engines as well as the users. Content that you can optimize for search engines includes content on your website, social media platforms, and mobile apps. Keywords have always been the key element of Real SEO strategy, then and now. However, creating an all-around good user experience that helps meet your user’s needs is the most important. 

Real estate and property investors SEO is a long-term strategy and for the results you have to keep patience. Real estate SEO is a way to implement your business goals now and in the future. Many companies drop their SEO efforts into ranking on Google, with Google dominating 88.83% of the US search market share in April 2021, according to Statcounter GlobalStats. But, there are many more search engines besides Google. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo are well-known search engines with 5.47% and 3% market share, respectively. Although these other search engines have quite less traffic as compared to Google, the advantage is that there is less competition. This means you have a greater chance of ranking on Microsoft Bing and Yahoo.  

Why is a Real Estate SEO strategy so important ?

Real Estate SEO has now become an integral part of the real estate industry. This is because people have now learned to trust the online information and people. Everything is present online and it is easier than ever to reach people now. Unlike the old days when people used to look up in a phonebook and call you, now people just search Real estate agencies on google, skim through the information and make the decision such as a call or purchase.

Hence, SEO for real estate and property investors is valuable in the market of the digital age. SEO involves using keywords or search queries in various aspects of a company’s online footprint such as its website, content, social media, etc. to attract the audience towards them. While other social media can generate traffic to your website, search engines are best to attract online visitors to your real estate website. It is important for real estate businesses to invest in SEO strategies to improve their website performance.

Not only does search engine optimization drive more traffic, but it also reduces your efforts over time because you do not have to reach out to every potential client. It is because your content is reaching out to your potential client on your behalf. 

Here are some of the best SEO strategies for your real estate agencies, and property investors:

  • Keyword Research and planning for Real estate company
  • Local SEO for Real estate agents and property agents
  • Content Marketing for real estate agents
  • On-page SEO tips for real estate
  • Off-page SEO tips for real estates industry
  • Social media marketing for real estate business

Keyword Research and Planning for Real Estate Agents

SEO for real estate websites is developed on keyword research and planning. To appear in the search engine results page or SERP, you need to match the queries that potential users or clients are asking on the search engine. Some real estate SEO keywords are much harder to rank for than others because they have a low search volume or high keyword difficulty.

How can we do real estate keyword research and planning ?

Here are some of the keyword research SEO tips for real estate and property investors:

1. Keyword research helps you understand how your business could rank high in Google searches. Try to include the search queries of your potential clients. You can get them through Google SERP itself. For that, look at the these sections of google SERP:

  • Related Searches
  • People Also Ask Section
  • Google Autosuggest

For example, if you search “New York penthouses for sale”, you will see the following suggestions made by Google:

  • penthouses in manhattan for sale
  • luxury penthouses in new york
  • penthouses in new york for rent
  • soho new york penthouses for sale 
  • luxury penthouses in manhattan
  • luxury penthouses for sale
  • how much do penthouses cost a month
  • penthouses in nyc airbnb

Best Tips for SEO for Real Estate Agents & Property Investors

2. Create blogs and other media content using the real estate keyword research to drive organic traffic to your real estate business website.

3. Create a website, webpage, and other content using keywords.

4. Always try to use long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords. This is because long tail keywords drive more conversions.

Here are some keyword examples related to real estate or property investor business:

  • House for sale near me
  • House for sale
  • Cheap new houses for sale near me in usa
  • cheap houses for sale in usa
  • house for sale in usa
  • california homes for sale near me
  • new construction homes near me under $500k
  • new construction homes near me under $300k
  • cheap mansions for sale usa
  • New houses for sale near me
  • 4bhk house for sale
  • 2bhk house for sale
  • Cheap houses for sale
  • Tiny houses for sale near me

Local SEO for the real estate agents and property dealers 

Real Estate is a local business, so it is important for you to focus on local SEO. Local SEO for real estate or property investors is essential for attracting a target audience in your locality. Depending on your location, the competition may be more fierce, even among small businesses like the real estate industry and property investors.

How could you run a local SEO for the real estate industry and property investors ?

Here are some of the local SEO tips for the real estate industry and property investors:

  1. You should always optimize your Google My business profile with your updated information. 
  2. How could you run a local SEO for the real estate industry and property investors? Add pictures that can help to get reviews from the audience searching for real estate agents or properties in your area. 
  3. Rating is also important from the audience. So for Real Estate local SEO includes contact no., business name, and address on your website.
  4. Local Content marketing can also be a great idea for real estate SEO as you can attract your clients in your target area. Local content marketing can help you rank higher in local search results and also build trust and knowledgeable resources in your community. 
  5. By offering valuable, specific content you can attract and keep back possible clients who are interested in buying or selling real estate in your locality.
  6. List your real estate company in online directories such as: Homes, National Association of Realtors, etc.
  7. Try to incorporate local keywords and phrases such as “close be” or “near me” searches. Here are some local SEO keyword example for your real estate business:
  • cheap houses for sale in new york city
  • manhattan real estate
  • new york apartments for sale
  • houses for sale upstate ny under 300k
  • 4 bedroom houses for sale upstate ny under 300k
  • 3 bedroom houses for sale upstate ny under 300k
  • 2 bedroom houses for sale upstate ny under 300k

Using these local SEO tips for real estate and property investors will help you dominate local search.

On-page SEO for real estate businesses and property investors 

On-page SEO refers to all the content available on your real estate website for the site visitors to read, both on the subpage and main page. If you want to use this SEO strategy for real estate agents or property investors, you need to properly optimize your website and its content with the real estate industry and Google algorithm.

How do you optimize your on-page SEO for the real estate industry and property investors ?

Here are some of the strategies of Real Estate SEO for your on-page optimization:

  1. Using title tags on your real estate website is one of the most important SEO factors. Local keywords can help optimize your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. Suppose you have a House for Sale in Suffolk County, New York city under $300,000, mention it in your web page title. For example your title can be: Homes for Sale in Suffolk County, NY under $300000.
  2. Including NAP(Name, Address, and Phone number) information on your web pages and adjusting navigation can also be beneficial.
  3. Fill your site with personalized details like business address, active phone number, and your business name.
  4. Include Appointment call or call our agent option in your website. This will increase your authenticity and drive more conversions.
  5. Use powerful CTAs such as: Schedule Tour, Get pre approved, Contact Agents, etc.
  6. Write informative, unique, and human written content. Some blog ideas for real estate company are as follows:
  • A guide to buying your first home
  • Local events in your area
  • Housing trends
  • Local property tax rates
  • Mortgage rates
  • Promoting an up-and-coming neighborhood
  • Testimonials and Customers stories
  • How to get house loan?

How do you optimize your on-page SEO for the real estate industry and property investors? Real-estate SEO requires attention to the strategic adaptation of specific on-page elements.

Off-page SEO for real estate businesses and property investors

Off-page SEO for the real estate industry includes all the factors that require you to optimize things on a website other than yours. You can think of off-page SEO as your real estate business’s overall reputation on the internet. It’s not enough to have an excellent real estate website; the rest of the websites on the internet have to agree and prove it by linking to your material on their website. Let’s see how we can do off page SEO for real estate websites.

How do you optimize your off-page SEO for the real estate industry and property investors ?

Here are some of the tips for off page SEO optimization of the real estate industry:

  1. For your off-page real estate SEO, backlinks are one of the most important tactics. Backlink is simply a link from one website to another.
  2. Backlinks are used by Google in a way that measures the quality and relevance of a website.
  3. High-quality backlinks help you rank high in search results.
  4. To get quality backlinks, follow the given tips:
  • Write guest posts on relevant high domain authority websites.
  • Find broken links on other websites and produce content for the same.

5. Other off-page SEO tips for real estate includes things like shared social media content, guest posts on other sites, online reviews, Google My Business profile and even appearing on real estate podcasts.

Use of social media for real estate industries

Social media marketing is another major SEO strategy that fits into real estate SEO strategies that increase brand awareness. But the question is;

Why do you need to use social media for your real estate business?

Here are some of the SEO tips related to social media optimization for the real estate industry:

  • Studies show that 90% of real estate agents use Facebook, while around 50% use Instagram and LinkedIn. So not being present on these platforms won’t make it easier for you to attract potential clients.
  • Social media triggers people’s curiosity and helps to build deeper relationships when they follow your account.
  • Use social media to make connections with the major players in your area. The people and company help you build your local social media following and in the process, your real estate business.
  • Always post something that interests your target audience.

All these above tips can help you reach your target audience through different social media platforms. You just have to be mindful about how you use social media for real estate SEO.


These real estate SEO tips can encourage you to think more deeply about how to optimize your website and online marketing. These strategies can help the real estate agents and property investors to invest more into their online journey and get a result that is beneficial for them so that they can maintain their high rank in the competitive real estate industry.